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Fuck yeah, France.

Today in Contemporary France we talked about French public schools and domestic issues.  In France, it is illegal to wear any sort of religious attire, jewelry, symbols, etc.  Those who break this rule are expelled, simple as that.  When the Muslim minority challenged this rule over burkas and headscarfs, the government did not cave.  Public schools remain totally secular.  

Now, I don’t think France is particularly tough or anything, but I give them credit for nutting up in the face of religious protest about secular education.  America could learn a fucking thing or two (I’m a little angry; if France can do it why the hell can’t we?) from the French.  

Everyone in class was baffled.  ”So being Muslim isn’t allowed?” someone asked.  Sad that an American student doesn’t understand the true meaning of secular.  Everyone is equal when religions are left at the door.  Here we have to go to court over having a prayer quilt removed from a school.  Not to mention the pledge.  

Right on France, right on.